Garages are no longer just storage units for our cars while we go about our daily routines. They have become multi-faceted parts of every city’s infrastructure, leveraging their space as delivery hubs, last mile transportation options, bike and scooter rental stations, and countless uses as a community space. In recent months, they’ve even been used for outdoor dining, group gym classes, and concerts!

As an advertising solution, Out of Home advertising in parking facilities can’t be skipped or blocked, and the audience has remained constant for the last ten years. And, as we all adapt to new lifestyle changes, ALM has identified areas in which reaching a pre-qualified target audience at our locations can be done more effectively than traditional advertising.

Our Audience is Focused

With traditional billboards, there are so many distractions that reduce the effectiveness and reach of the advertisement. Navigation systems, mobile devices, podcasts and music, not to mention simply paying attention to the road while driving, all diminish the impact of highway and road advertising.

Once that same audience enters a parking location, everything changes – navigation is complete, phones and music are turned down, and people are looking around for signage and an open spot or attendant. In other words, without the typical distractions of driving, the impact and effectiveness of advertising in a parking garage is substantially better than traditional billboard advertising.

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