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At A Lot Media, we turn empty space into found money. Whether it be a surface lot or garage, we can help your location to bring in additional value. We offer a range of interactive digital advertising options in parking facilities of all silos including: Class A office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, sports arenas, and many more. Your real estate is valuable and we want to help you maximize it.

Our state of the art Digital Dynamic Rate Boards and Kiosks allow you to push interactive and full motion video content to consumers as they enter garages, wait for valet, or step on to the elevator. They are available in a variety of sizes from 21.5 inches up to 110 inches.

The possibilities are endless! We help ensure that your location is an unforgettable experience for all that come in.



Digital Dynamic Rate Boards™

Forget the old, hard to read, worn out plastic signs that required manual updating. Welcome your customers with rates on our high bright, weatherproof boards. Our Digital Dynamic Rate Boards™ allow you to monitor and change rates in real time, while also opening a new revenue stream for your location through digital advertising. Our equipment is completely customizable to ensure the best possible solution for your location.


Digital Kiosks

Strategically placed in areas with the highest foot traffic, our Interactive Digital Kiosks allow you to stream interactive and full motion video content. This coverage allows us to service the widest variety of locations and capture the highest number of impressions for our advertisers. Kiosks can be fitted with cameras, credit card readers, printers and more. They have been used as a wayfinder, photo booth, directory, and customer amenity.

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