Static Advertising

From ads on gate arms and elevators to large format wallscapes, our static advertising is strategically placed in the most heavily trafficked areas of our locations.


Digital Advertising

Our touch screen digital ad panels allow you to push interactive and full motion video content to consumers as they enter garages, wait for valet, or step onto the elevator.


Our surface lot and garage locations provide unparalleled access to the heart of the largest cities around the country. With large open spaces and prime real estate, we offer a blank canvas for your brand to create a masterpiece.

Strategic Advertising

At A Lot Media, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled access to a captive, qualified audience with industry leading dwell times. With our hyper-local and hyper-targeted approach to impressions, we’re able to connect brands with their desired audience during high-impact moments. To and from the office, going shopping, meeting up with friends for dinner, taking off on a weekend vacation, entering the sports arena, or commuting home, our impressions come as people are mobile, therefore increasing their acceptance of a call to action.

Our Ads are strategically placed at egress points and high traffic areas in the parking facilities, ensuring you reach every person that enters or exits.

Unlike ads on highways, our slow-paced, high-impact impressions offer more opportunity for ad creativity which ultimately leads to a longer lasting influence. We offer a range of advertising options, from branded parking tickets and gate arms, to interactive digital displays and large format wallscapes. Or take advantage of one of our prime real estate locations for a branded event or pop up. We help you transform the space and customize every square inch with your company’s messaging. Together we can do A Lot.

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