Out of Home Advertising, and Digital OOH in particular, was experiencing a boom right before the pandemic. DOOH advertising increased 35% in the last decade, and it was becoming clear it would be a crucial component to any ad campaign of the future. Flash forward to 2021 and that boom is now an explosion. With the unpredictable, unprecedented, and universal post-pandemic desire to get Out of our Homes, demand, effectiveness, and returns are being outpaced only by innovation when it comes to DOOH. While there are many reasons for this, here are some of the most important.

1. Dwell Time

When you see an online ad, if you see them at all, chances are you scroll right past it. With TV ads, you either change the channel or get on your phone for a few minutes. Even roadside billboards only give you a split second to notice them before your eyes are back on the road. But DOOH ads are placed carefully where people are likely to be spending time, hanging out, or just waiting. Our ads in valet parking facilities average 10 to 15-minute dwell times while customers wait for their vehicles.

2. Unskippable

There’s no ad-block in the real world! Out of Home ads are designed and strategically placed to be noticed by everyone who passes by. Our ads also have the added benefit of being placed in otherwise simple, uncluttered environments with very little competing stimuli nearby.


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