Parking Lots


At A Lot Media, we work in tandem with our real estate partners to ensure that they get the most value out of their current locations. We help your parking lot to bring in additional value by offering a range of static and digital advertising options in parking facilities of all silos including: Class A office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, sports arenas, and many more. Your real estate is valuable and we want to help you maximize it.

Advertisers are looking for opportunities throughout cities where out-of-home advertising is extremely limited. Not only are all the impressions in your locations captive and qualified, but they all come as people are mobile – increasing their acceptance of a call to action.

From branded parking tickets and gate arms, to interactive digital displays and large format wallscapes, to events/pop ups and more, we help you use the unused space in your enclosed parking garages to generate additional revenue. Your prime real estate offers a blank canvas for a brand/advertiser to create a masterpiece.

We offer a range of advertising options:



Digital Dynamic Rate Board™

We offer weatherproof Digital Dynamic Rate Boards™ that integrate with the current parking equipment at your location. Our Digital Dynamic Rate Boards™ help you to bring in more revenue from your current customers, and open up a new stream of revenue from digital advertising.


Located on the walls in the most heavily trafficked areas of the garages, visible from multiple angles and coming in a variety of sizes, our wallscapes are the perfect solution for custom static advertising of all sizes.


Gate Arm Wraps

Our gate wraps come in a variety of sizes and make a lasting impression sure to be seen by everyone entering and exiting your locations.


Interactive Digital Kiosks

Strategically placed in areas with the highest foot traffic, our Interactive Digital Kiosks allow you to stream interactive and full motion video content. Kiosks can be fitted with cameras, credit card readers, printers and more. Most recently they were used as an audition booth for American Idol!


On Ticket Ads

Have consumers carry your brand around in their pocket all day long! On-Ticket Ads provide an unparalleled opportunity to get in the hands of your target audience.

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