It’s easy to view parking garages as nothing more than self-storage buildings, but for cars. The similarities are there – endless rows of “storage space”, stark, uncluttered walls, fluorescent lighting, easy to get lost in… not to mention most self-storage facilities literally use “garage” doors for each unit. But there’s one crucial difference: people go to their self-storage units a few times a year at most. On the other hand, people usually walk through their garage at least twice a day, departing and returning from work, school, or leisure activities.

That’s a huge difference. In advertising terms, that’s two impressions per day (minimum) that you miss where you could be reaching people at valuable times – heading out to start their day, and returning to spend their free time. But it’s also an opportunity to offer amenities to that audience at a super convenient time and place. Wouldn’t you like to be able to grab a coffee a few steps away from your car, rather than a few blocks away from the garage?